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Nov 19, 2023

Image for Surrounded By Water Untitled 17Image for No Place 523Image for No Place 489Image for PILE_013Image for PILE_021Image for Tiresias and SnakesImage for Tree HollowImage for PILE_022Image for PILE_016Image for The DreamerImage for Dot MatrixImage for Abstract ExpressionismImage for Still Life with Sharp LightImage for Box of PaintingsImage for VansImage for Kiri Kiri KiriImage for 7. Serie: My TableImage for Blind Ambition (TTC)Image for Residual GriefImage for Quiet TimeImage for Persistence in the Face of FailureImage for AntagonistImage for Ginger BlossomImage for In WaitingImage for Dear HappinessImage for Dear Art PeopleImage for Dear FeelingsImage for Dear HeartImage for Dear IdeaImage for MEMORIAS Nº1Image for My Right HandImage for Boundaries Between UnrealImage for Acullico Coca Leaf Replaces My HeadImage for Volando valle arribaImage for Al borde de la locuraImage for Al margen de la luzImage for My homelandImage for Landscape 10/13/22Image for Tree in LandscapeImage for Dear CuratorsImage for Brian De Palma's BathroomImage for Brian De Palma's DoorImage for summonerImage for swans IImage for Tiger TondoImage for Tiger GrrrlsImage for Stop 2Image for Tree BuildingImage for Crossroad, BlueImage for TulipsImage for EntwinedImage for Ant infested canImage for MidnightImage for JellyfishImage for Picking HerringImage for Big BirdImage for To be in love with everything, IImage for Harpy EagleImage for Fille de ( Gilberte )Image for Fille de ( Anemone )Image for JaguarImage for Via Loop LaneImage for Embodied Weight of TimeImage for Drag OnImage for 1999 / A Search for Meaning and the Death of DiscoveryImage for ShellImage for I’m sure the moon will be alright, VIIIImage for ManifestImage for PositionImage for RefashionedImage for ScaffoldImage for BraceImage for RootedImage for ExtendImage for UpholdImage for L’Origine de tous mes problèmesImage for UntitledImage for GroundingImage for Polos and TimbosImage for Glow StickImage for The bartender says, “we don’t serve time travellers in here”. A time traveller walks into a bar.Image for This Painting disguised as a poemImage for AnxietyImage for Nicole's DaughterImage for Behind UsImage for Gardin al LaunImage for Smoke BreakImage for Night came, day came, night cameImage for I Want to be OkImage for #1 MomImage for Mt. Lady LokiImage for motte #2Image for BriquetteImage for Brickworks, SummerImage for Moore FallsImage for Withrow ParkImage for Leslie Street NocturneImage for Little StreetImage for Necropolis
Image for One slice of poetry with extra feelingsImage for LiftImage for Garden mirageImage for The New FrontierImage for “Towels”Image for “All is Zen 1”Image for The CornerImage for Colours of you and IImage for Night CreatureImage for Venice BeachImage for Surfers of ItoImage for Have Two On MeImage for The Blaze of Imperfect MemoryImage for Sudden BlastImage for "No Filter"Image for Time is a JailerImage for Japan in Gold - OkurimonoImage for Blooming from the concrete 3Image for GravityImage for Japan in Gold - OmoideImage for Play : Our HourImage for BannisterImage for Material Impression xiiiImage for “Joanne 1”Image for Warm & FuzzyImage for FragmentImage for Flight Path IIImage for Peninsula IIImage for The SpinsImage for ArrivalImage for LA (Shack)Image for EvergreenImage for AfterpartyImage for RaveImage for Where The Wildflowers GrowImage for black veilImage for Soft FascinationImage for Free To WanderImage for Boho LeopardImage for CandyImage for Pathway IIImage for Daisy RainImage for OnwardsImage for The LiberatorImage for Disco flowersImage for ElliotImage for Chemin d’hiverImage for Warmth of the SunImage for Memories of SummerImage for SparkImage for RunImage for FullImage for AquariumImage for MirrorImage for Peggy’s CoveImage for Clay Pot with SunflowersImage for HaberdasheryImage for Late AfternoonImage for Kitchen ShadowsImage for Bucktooth catImage for IntegrityImage for RushesImage for GardenImage for Dionysus In The WildImage for Cowboy BathImage for A Jukebox Introduced UsImage for Night SwimmingImage for Incessant SilhouetteImage for Lovely PainImage for Longevity and JoyImage for Encounter at the SummitImage for White MushroomsImage for No Place 524Image for Saturday Morning BreakfastImage for Hidden HeartImage for FourImage for Port Hope, Late FallImage for Morning Chocolate Cake IIImage for This is only a testImage for On the close-at-hand (Piel)Image for No Place 496Image for DromedaryImage for Taylor Creek, FallImage for Don’t Look DownImage for HeavenImage for AbsolutelyImage for Artist tearsImage for “Know when to fold em” VIImage for Black SunflowerImage for Community PolicingImage for A Lapse in Memory, Some SecretImage for Jealous TendenciesImage for Jesus vs SatanImage for Cristine in the WindowImage for The Mind’s EyeImage for ExplorerImage for The DancersImage for Hollywood MasterpieceImage for I Can’t Hear You