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Jun 1, 2024

Image for Innerscape No.35Image for Terra Cognita. CenoteImage for Collision I.02Image for Apology Flower no.20Image for MynyddImage for Rag PaintingImage for The Cat : Pre-Pounce PlanImage for QuiltsImage for Landscape 1914 2024Image for Morning ViewImage for Autumn’s UndergrowthImage for Signs in the ForestImage for See Through MeImage for Teapot with Missing HandleImage for Teacup and TeapotImage for Arrangement with Two TeacupsImage for White TeapotImage for TulipsImage for Teacup and SaucerImage for Teacup and Saucer on Striped TableclothImage for Still Life with Objects No. 2Image for Yellow on YellowImage for Black Teacup and SaucerImage for Torso Of A DreamerImage for Swimming against the currentImage for Late on NYEImage for Fruit & Flower VaseImage for Front Entry with Nicer PotImage for here I wait for you - n.1Image for here I wait for you - n.2Image for here I wait for you - n.3Image for here I wait for you - n.6Image for here I wait for you - n.9Image for here I wait for you - n.8Image for here I wait for you - n.5Image for here I wait for you - n.4Image for here I wait for you - n.7Image for Salmon (green dragon)Image for White SwallowsImage for Red SwallowsImage for Pearl #5Image for Springtime North LondonImage for Always Time for TulipsImage for Into The Mouth Of Sand CavesImage for You Were Bigger Than the SkyImage for Collage 4Image for Teacup 3Image for Two StripesImage for Spout and HandleImage for Collage 1Image for You Were More Than a Short TimeImage for The Inbetween SpacesImage for Teapot 1Image for Made in ChinaImage for Yellow Teacup with SaucerImage for GooseneckImage for Teacup 7Image for UntitledImage for Small White at a Pink CamelliaImage for SleepoverImage for Spring in the mountainsImage for Women of Strength, Yellow number 1Image for Women of Strength, Yellow number 2Image for a jellyfish, a dinosaurImage for Women of Strength, Yellow number 3Image for PearsImage for CherriesImage for Rabbit StarImage for The Eye of the HareImage for Essence of Nature - BeeImage for Essence of Nature - ButterflyImage for Shape Study 4Image for Unfinished BusinessImage for View from the CemeteryImage for Plain Table with FlowersImage for First game in a pair of fluorescent yellow Lotto boots, under 11’s I bagged a Hatrick. Dad screamed “banana boots, don’t slip”Image for “Piss poor performance from a pisshead. He used to box at st. Patrick’s you know.”Image for Summer StrollImage for Soul Energy No 5Image for Thought PrisonImage for That’s Just Black + White ThinkingImage for Tried AgainImage for OpeningImage for Yeah, It Was ScaryImage for Take It To SpeechImage for ShhhhImage for Settle DownImage for That Which No Longer ServesImage for Dancing Plague
Image for Untitled (Therapy Painting)Image for Daydreamer ReturnImage for Daydreamer RemorseImage for Mounted Cowllerina (Study)Image for Flower DanceImage for Way of the National federationImage for Gravitation from your storyImage for The gift of wisdomImage for Winter in RussiaImage for Sodoma drawingImage for Study for possible paintingImage for Wait drawingImage for Pen torso drawingImage for Raffael study 2 drawingImage for Space in the time1Image for Space in the time2Image for EnergeticallyImage for Bottom of the street1Image for Bottom of the street2Image for Obsessive compulsiveImage for WesternImage for EasternImage for I move around myselfImage for Mysterious pathImage for ReclamationImage for How do we love each other through this?Image for Effluorescent Shadow WorkImage for The City XXXIIIImage for The City XXXIIImage for The City XXXVImage for Orange and Green RoomImage for The City XXXIVImage for The City XXIXImage for The City XXXImage for Cherry (5-24)Image for Gathering LightImage for WebbingImage for You&me that eveningImage for You&me this morningImage for BoldImage for SymbolsImage for BugImage for Small MomentsImage for Dip (5-24)Image for Rise UpImage for Pink BouquetImage for Collective EffortImage for Bring Your LightImage for The only way is through.Image for Gathering GlowImage for No WorldImage for Incline TowardImage for Preparing for DinnerImage for Slicing Lemons for OystersImage for Sitting at the Bar in SummerImage for DuskImage for MorningImage for People and things overwhelm meImage for HomesImage for HouseImage for Esercizio maniImage for Seasons ChangeImage for Bird's-eye view at 10.11 AMImage for In Peaceful DisarrayImage for Underneath The StarsImage for Grottesca#2Image for SoulnarImage for Garden of Chaos, Castle of DoubtImage for Which Way? // The Solace of CoverImage for FrangipaniImage for Aerial ViewImage for Curious KidsImage for Landscape at 7.18 PMImage for Landscape dreamsImage for LuridscapesImage for MoonflowerImage for Study (untitled)Image for 21. Peonies and JunkImage for Secret Artwork 639Image for Martini and ShrimpImage for CandyImage for watersideImage for Morning Chocolate Cake IIImage for The SkinnyImage for Late AfternoonImage for Games at TwilightImage for This kitchen is for dancingImage for DrinkImage for Rabbit Tree