Acrylic Paint


40.5 x 51.0 cm

Year Created



My work explores the shifting structures of nature and being. There is hope in knowing things are always changing. In this painting, the collective shapes may form a web that we are viewing through, or a gathering of cells for a particular functio...

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Image for How do we love each other through this?Image for ReclamationImage for Gathering GlowImage for Incline TowardImage for WebbingImage for Bring Your LightImage for Gathering LightImage for Effluorescent Shadow WorkImage for The only way is through.

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Born in 1981 in Johnstown, PA, USA. Currently residing in Savannah, GA, USA.

2006 · Seton Hill University

Graduate coursework in Art Therapy

2009 · Savannah College of Art & Design

MA in Digital Photography

2002 · Columbus College of Art and Design

Coursework in Foundation Studies

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$500 USD - Ask

@jen_palmer on May 25, 6:34pm UTC

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Jen Palmer

May 25, 2024