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May 6, 2024

Image for THINGS ARE NOT WHAT THEY SEEM #9Image for DESRET STORMImage for Happy TimesImage for Chimera 3Image for Chimera 2Image for Chimera 1Image for Olive TreeImage for From NY to LAImage for Still LifeImage for Old BookImage for StatueImage for Let It SnowImage for AfterglowImage for My Color tubesImage for Blue GlassImage for Rise and ShineImage for Tender ScarsImage for RespiteImage for LimitlessImage for ClaspImage for That First Sip FeelingImage for CousinsImage for Oranges with Sugar potImage for Her in memoryImage for The Touch of TimeImage for Four OrangesImage for List:037Image for The Black SquareImage for List:032Image for AP Untitled e 76 cm x 56 cm x 2Image for A Chair, AloneImage for Stained CamisoleImage for Strips of MeImage for Fragment of CreationImage for SunflowersImage for my friend haruko 2020Image for Embraced ShadowImage for List:029Image for Beyond Borders IImage for List:026Image for List:024Image for Lake sideImage for Built on the WindImage for TAP Untitled 8Image for TAP Unititled 9Image for TAP UnititledImage for TAP Unititled 11Image for TAP Unititled 3Image for Striped printImage for WonderlandImage for Secret Artwork 296Image for Secret Artwork 667Image for Positive GarbageImage for No More GuiltImage for There’s Always A Way Out (I)Image for There’s Always A Way Out (II)Image for horseportrait IImage for horseportrait IiImage for WhirlwindImage for No man’s an islandImage for ProbabilityImage for AssimilationImage for Starry EyedImage for Quilt HillImage for Hard RockImage for Ribbon HillsImage for Iya ni Wura #4Image for The Flowers Of My Acid TearsImage for FeistyImage for “Bluebell, as well as I”Image for RedeemerImage for Volcán Galeras 12Image for Puente del diabloImage for Cascada de SandonáImage for Culebra nacienteImage for Shallow River Waters Stirred Where We’ve KissedImage for The Heart QuillImage for QueenImage for UntitledImage for TremorsImage for Dreams catchingImage for Innerscape No.29Image for Walking with You No.3Image for The Way Things Are No.17Image for Innerscape No.30Image for Bed portraitImage for Ground FloorImage for MimosasImage for To encapsulate
Image for Landscape at 10.25 AMImage for The Wise Man Of Baker StreetImage for Dolly, A Literal QueenImage for I Always Find My Way In The DarkImage for Study (Encounter of Two Realms)Image for OxidationImage for AstrayImage for Lady in Purple TernoImage for Lady in White TernoImage for Jeff Goldblum, Renaissance ManImage for Everything Everywhere All At OnceImage for Baby One More Party SubImage for Innerscape No.31Image for In loveImage for Run Boy, RunImage for InfernoImage for Azadi 4Image for Tamanna (Desire) 3Image for Meena 2Image for Azadi 5Image for Skylark’s songImage for Innerscape No.32Image for The Way Things Are No.19Image for Innerscape No.33Image for Innerscape No.35Image for Walking with You No.4Image for Innerscape No.36Image for Innerscape No.37Image for Walking with You No.5Image for Innerscape No.38Image for The WeekndImage for Kanye WestImage for Stop n kissImage for Seafood WorldImage for Hyper-SentimentalImage for “The last curtain”Image for The Meeting PlaceImage for Apology Flower no.20Image for Sea SwayImage for The Cat : Pre-Pounce PlanImage for Portrait nr. 17Image for ShineImage for TryfanImage for Red couchImage for Landscape at 9.49 AMImage for A poisonous wallflowerImage for UpImage for The fighterImage for RisingImage for Teacup and SaucerImage for Late on NYEImage for Fruit & Flower VaseImage for Front Entry with Nicer PotImage for Time to think, time to dreamImage for Salmon (green dragon)Image for White SwallowsImage for Red SwallowsImage for Yellow, Orange, Red ButterfliesImage for Pearl #18Image for The LightImage for It's OKImage for TwinesImage for California GamesImage for An uncivil woman made of salt and fireImage for Liza With a ZImage for Bent N SnappedImage for IndiscernibleImage for Sarracenia purpureaImage for Papaver nudicauleImage for French Toile eyesImage for Landscape at 11.32 AMImage for Flowers and DessertsImage for Amy Winehouse HANDFINISHED - love is a losing gameImage for signalImage for halcyonImage for Dream Landscape in PinkImage for LuxImage for Study (untitled)Image for 21. Peonies and JunkImage for Martini and ShrimpImage for watersideImage for Morning Chocolate Cake IIImage for Late AfternoonImage for Games at TwilightImage for This kitchen is for dancingImage for Pensive in ParisImage for Flower Fence 22 (#1)Image for Maybe is not better