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Jan 6, 2024

Image for Have Two On MeImage for The Blaze of Imperfect MemoryImage for Half Moon at Pink SunsetImage for Play With The ShadowsImage for aliens of distractionImage for The time is right and I‘m holding onImage for I‘m gonna be your number oneImage for "No Filter"Image for Japan in Gold - OkurimonoImage for Blooming from the concrete 3Image for GravityImage for Japan in Gold - OmoideImage for Late AfternoonImage for The Over UnderImage for LamppostImage for BannisterImage for Taken AdvantageImage for Material Impression xiImage for dream in light, dream in darkImage for The DrinkerImage for Listening To The Cicadas Scream For LoveImage for NonlinearImage for AttractorImage for EntropyImage for The End Of SummerImage for U & Not U 1DImage for Super MomImage for Springtime in the GardenImage for JungleImage for Life-sourceImage for Le ContactImage for “Untitled”Image for A Veces Hasta las Sombras HablanImage for FiestaImage for WaitingImage for Peninsula IIImage for “DNA”Image for Reckoner II (Sirius)Image for LanternImage for If I’m not there, can they?Image for Destiny is that which we are drawn towards and fate is that which we run intoImage for Inspired prophets of the future have been my companionsImage for That belief was a dangerous thingImage for Delphi’s Toast Crust OracleImage for Race to the PrecipiceImage for Breakfast in BedImage for Man’s Best FriendImage for black veilImage for Picnic: Melon with KnifeImage for Still Life on Flying CarpetImage for Still Life with Sliced LemonImage for Picnic: Brioche with FlowerImage for The Pelican FeederImage for BK06Image for BK12Image for Memories of SummerImage for Cardo AlcachofaImage for This May Leave a ScarImage for Have A Wander Before Dinner TimeImage for Be Here NowImage for Tulips in Their FieldsImage for SinkImage for PlayStation CrucifixionImage for DaughterImage for Museum (1)Image for K.O.O.K.Image for Deep EndImage for Dot DashImage for PlayerImage for UntitledImage for The Dénia series: StarImage for The Dénia series: The Harbour FairImage for The Dénia series: Sunset IIIImage for Late AfternoonImage for Kitchen ShadowsImage for Veneno astralImage for Matta’s HouseImage for The AlleywayImage for CascadeImage for IntegrityImage for RushesImage for ExhaleImage for GardenImage for Boy in a gardenImage for BubblesImage for “K.O”Image for Narcissus IIImage for Narcissus IImage for Narcissus IIIImage for untitled (not b&w)Image for Enlighten My Valley of TrustImage for “Mantis”Image for Guided by the Words of Wisdom, Written on the Walls of LifeImage for Self careImage for Once upon a timeImage for “Food tastes better this way.”Image for “Where are you from-from?”Image for I Have A SecretImage for Back PastureImage for TreatImage for CrestImage for Cheer UpImage for Hathor Temple II
Image for Roaring Springs of the Grand CanyonImage for Tabriz IIImage for The GauntletImage for Figure (1)Image for Season of the Witch #1Image for Momentary Lapse #2Image for Love nature IImage for Self Portrait with Ankara FanImage for Forgotten MindsImage for SpinneretImage for Setting Sail for IthacaImage for PapillioImage for Silent SpringImage for Half Past MidnightImage for Out Of The SkyImage for Passing ByImage for SkyfallImage for January In SpringImage for English SummerImage for Blinding LightsImage for Whoops!Image for SurrealismImage for volcanoImage for ChangeImage for The Hardwired ManImage for Tangarine DreamsImage for Memory of a LandscapeImage for Dizzy Miss LizzyImage for Lac MassawippiImage for RunwayImage for Cowboy BathImage for Your Handwriting is Divine and Completely IllegibleImage for A Jukebox Introduced UsImage for Air RightsImage for Night SwimmingImage for Incessant SilhouetteImage for Longevity and JoyImage for On the close-at-hand (burnt brown)Image for Encounter at the SummitImage for No Place 524Image for Midtown BuildingImage for VolcanoImage for Saturday Morning BreakfastImage for Girl in Floral DressImage for Le "O"Image for Untitled 16 (Safranal)Image for VesselImage for Hidden HeartImage for FourImage for Port Hope, Late FallImage for Morning Chocolate Cake IIImage for On the close-at-hand (Piel)Image for TE TRAJE FLORESImage for Stack with Heart-Shaped BoxImage for Rotadora 360Image for No Place 496Image for 3 eggsImage for DromedaryImage for Curling SmokeImage for Big Gnarly FirImage for La colère végétaleImage for Taylor Creek, FallImage for The MarketImage for Load BeareresImage for The Frog PrinceImage for Artist tearsImage for JupiterImage for Flashback I have a Flashback 4Image for Small Cloud and TreesImage for Community PolicingImage for A Lapse in Memory, Some SecretImage for Oh Endless DayImage for In Sickness and In HealthImage for Drawing 85Image for Jesus vs SatanImage for Green Chrysanthemums, Pink MirrorImage for Early Morning in Little PortugalImage for Floral MeetingImage for What if I FeelImage for Reverie IIImage for CardoImage for On the HorseImage for Untitled 18 (Unfading)Image for whiskey sourImage for ApparitionImage for Le Spectre RécapitulatifImage for Hollywood MasterpieceImage for RaiseImage for Solitary Bride ProcessionImage for Rocky LedgesImage for Pura VidaImage for Entangled BloomImage for I Can’t Hear YouImage for Flashback I have a Flashback 3Image for Green Error Complex 5Image for Two snails (relief)Image for चक्र studies: muladharaImage for ultrasoundImage for Sleeper with squash (red,relief)Image for SearchImage for PullImage for NatNat and Angel in the Bois de BoulogneImage for A Moment