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Nov 22, 2023

Image for ShadowImage for MirrorImage for RoboinfantaImage for “Know when to fold em” IVImage for Surrounded By Water Untitled 10Image for Palm Tree and HillImage for Un SecretoImage for Art Fair SeasonImage for Abstract ExpressionismImage for ArtImage for Still Life with Sharp LightImage for Box of PaintingsImage for VansImage for Dear IdeaImage for Crazy bambaImage for Dear CuratorsImage for Brian De Palma's BathroomImage for Brian De Palma's DoorImage for Lower Rock CreekImage for Hibisco II (Estudios de la Costa)Image for TaginetteImage for ZafaraImage for ChairsImage for Stop 2Image for A Tree on a FenceImage for StopImage for Sur la mini route du guesthouse, KunigamiImage for Something in the Way (Study V)Image for Embodied Weight of TimeImage for Ce que renferment les dunesImage for Droit DevantImage for #1 MomImage for This Quiet MomentImage for HeavensImage for PrettierImage for Twenty Twenty ThreeImage for “Over There”Image for “Towels”Image for Just YouImage for Early BirdImage for RuffleImage for LotusImage for SpiritsImage for ImpermanenceImage for I meets you (2nd person)Image for MountainImage for AbsurdityImage for Material Impression xImage for Blooming from the concrete 3Image for GravityImage for Forever and Ever 1Image for Giambattista CoutureImage for Taken AdvantageImage for The Space Around My SpineImage for A Little Bit of PinkImage for EntropyImage for FlowImage for Self-esteemImage for Springtime in the GardenImage for Life-sourceImage for HugImage for Les Detours de Fin de ParcoursImage for Le ContactImage for “Insister Sans Faire Echo” Série des FréquencesImage for Material Impression xiiiImage for “Joanne 1”Image for I’ll Keep You WarmImage for Notations on ShadowsImage for Delphi’s Toast Crust OracleImage for Awakening IIImage for The Beginning
Image for DPIImage for TidalImage for Elisabeth, sur le rêveImage for Marion, sur le rêveImage for Théod reithoImage for UntitledImage for Madonna con BambinoImage for pinball twistImage for mpp614Image for Untitled (Rebel Pilot)Image for I Called Everyone FirstImage for UntitledImage for Abstract 73827Image for ViewImage for PainImage for CloseImage for SerotoninImage for FemininityImage for Love Notes - Once There Was A HouseImage for VulnerabilityImage for JuneImage for Feria de Julio 01Image for Jazz of the moonImage for StrelitziaImage for CabaçasImage for #705Image for Drawing No. 1Image for MirrorImage for Drawing No. 2Image for Museum (1)Image for Dance of the MegalithsImage for Questions of TravelImage for Without TitleImage for Central ParkImage for Drawing No. 3Image for Drawing No. 4Image for Drawing No. 5Image for HopeImage for The FallsImage for Coral Flowers in a tall VaseImage for SeekingImage for K.O.O.K.Image for Water Talk 1Image for Deep EndImage for The Dénia series: Sunset IIIImage for Clay Pot with SunflowersImage for Veneno astralImage for Forever and Ever (Green)Image for EndorphinsImage for Flagella of kindnessImage for GardenImage for A Conversation Between Aman, Apu, and Ah Lam in Which They Discuss Mutual Amity and Come to Terms 1Image for “The Human Condition”Image for Notations on LandImage for Red DotImage for Midtown BuildingImage for No Place 496Image for AbsolutelyImage for Flashback I have a Flashback 4Image for In Sickness and In HealthImage for CardoImage for Untitled 18 (Unfading)Image for UntitledImage for Verbier Mountain LandscapeImage for Shine On! (#1)Image for PalimpsestImage for Blue StudyImage for UntitledImage for The Famous CreaturesImage for Le Spectre RécapitulatifImage for Rocky Ledges