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Dec 19, 2023

Image for Dine with meImage for ShadowImage for JungleImage for Self-esteemImage for “Joanne 1”Image for “Untitled”Image for NanaImage for July 21st on the Side of Walden ReservoirImage for Warm & FuzzyImage for HomeImage for FragmentImage for CanopyImage for If I am to die today and never see the sweet face of youImage for Flight Path IIImage for WaitingImage for I don’t know if anyone would believe anything of meImage for I wish...I wishImage for Peninsula IIImage for I never had a compass in my lifeImage for The SpinsImage for Hearts alien in them, whatever wildness contained thereImage for Beauty and her budgiesImage for La danse à la luneImage for It could have been the guarded advance of one who took no chancesImage for Destiny is that which we are drawn towards and fate is that which we run intoImage for If I’m not there, can they?Image for Inspired prophets of the future have been my companionsImage for That belief was a dangerous thingImage for LA (Shack)Image for Delphi’s Toast Crust OracleImage for EvergreenImage for AfterpartyImage for RaveImage for Breakfast in BedImage for Man’s Best FriendImage for black veilImage for Boho LeopardImage for Pathway IIImage for CandyImage for Daisy RainImage for OnwardsImage for The LiberatorImage for Disco flowersImage for The Pelican FeederImage for Chemin d’hiverImage for Warmth of the SunImage for Memories of SummerImage for SparkImage for Flor escondidaImage for Cardo AlcachofaImage for NightfallImage for RunImage for MoreImage for FullImage for SinkImage for RunwayImage for AquariumImage for MirrorImage for DaughterImage for Eidolon(1)Image for Striped Vase with FlowersImage for SeekingImage for K.O.O.K.Image for Deep EndImage for Dot DashImage for UntitledImage for PlayerImage for Sunrise IV
Image for Peggy’s CoveImage for Clay Pot with SunflowersImage for Late AfternoonImage for Kitchen ShadowsImage for Veneno astralImage for The AlleywayImage for CascadeImage for IntegrityImage for RushesImage for EndorphinsImage for Flagella of kindnessImage for GardenImage for BubblesImage for Narcissus IIImage for Narcissus IImage for Narcissus IIIImage for Stairway of ChoiceImage for “Food tastes better this way.”Image for “Where are you from-from?”Image for The PathImage for The spirit dancerImage for SoulmatesImage for TogethernessImage for I Have A SecretImage for The companionsImage for A MomentImage for I like America very much I like France very muchImage for Dancing with the beastImage for Jane Heap: Illuminating ManuscriptsImage for H.D. & Bryher: Changing CON/TextsImage for Portrait of Natalie BarneyImage for Blue SapphoImage for Turning the starsImage for NatNat and Angel in the Bois de BoulogneImage for Incessant SilhouetteImage for Dionysus In The WildImage for On the close-at-hand (burnt brown)Image for Longevity and JoyImage for Encounter at the SummitImage for No Place 524Image for Saturday Morning BreakfastImage for Girl in Floral DressImage for VesselImage for Hold Me CloseImage for Morning Chocolate Cake IIImage for Port Hope, Late FallImage for Bad Dog (Rottweiler)Image for This is only a testImage for On the close-at-hand (Piel)Image for Catchers MitImage for DromedaryImage for Taylor Creek, FallImage for Load BeareresImage for The Frog PrinceImage for HeavenImage for JupiterImage for Oh Endless DayImage for Floral MeetingImage for Jesus vs SatanImage for The Mind’s EyeImage for Early Morning in Little PortugalImage for Reverie IIImage for whiskey sourImage for ExplorerImage for Le Spectre RécapitulatifImage for Rocky LedgesImage for Entangled Bloom