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Nov 26, 2023

Image for EvergladesImage for Buck OrangesImage for Canari 10 (oiseau de cage et de volière)Image for Canari 7 (oiseau de cage et de volière)Image for Canari 4 (oiseau de cage et de volière)Image for No Place 523Image for No Place 489Image for The End of the DayImage for Ochre and GreyImage for White PatchesImage for I Am ConvincedImage for Landscape 10/13/22Image for Tree in LandscapeImage for Landscape with Large PineImage for Banana La BolitaImage for Tree BuildingImage for Crossroad, BlueImage for A Tree on a FenceImage for TulipsImage for A-driftImage for Second GrowthImage for The SurferImage for Life-sourceImage for UntitledImage for Questions of TravelImage for Dionysus In The WildImage for On the close-at-hand (burnt brown)Image for No Place 524Image for Portrait of a CactusImage for Time travelerImage for Hanging Onto SummerImage for Chemin d’hiverImage for CardoImage for “Murky Waters”Image for NecropolisImage for Chester LookoutImage for “Cows & Mist”Image for Root CreatureImage for Natural HabitatImage for Grandmother Tree (Solstice).Image for Early Bird
Image for “All is Zen 1”Image for The CornerImage for Surfers of ItoImage for The Blaze of Imperfect MemoryImage for Notations on HomeImage for “Higgins Beach”Image for “Triple Entendre”Image for Lineage (Blue)Image for UntitledImage for Old Fence Near the AirfieldImage for Memories of SummerImage for Without TitleImage for Central ParkImage for Peggy’s CoveImage for Clay Pot with SunflowersImage for A palm tree whispers through its fronds and I say yesImage for Enlighten My Valley of TrustImage for After the Darkest Hour, We CelebrateImage for Longevity and JoyImage for Port Hope, Late FallImage for No Place 496Image for Big Gnarly FirImage for Small Cloud and TreesImage for In Sickness and In HealthImage for What if I FeelImage for ExplorerImage for Something in the Way (Study V)Image for Burning OutImage for Candle WickImage for Bat and DogImage for Waiting to BloomImage for Woman gazeImage for Portrait of ClaudiaImage for Haze(1)Image for Lessons in ChemistryImage for “A Glimpse of Glory”Image for DorothyImage for Hold Me CloseImage for DromedaryImage for Curling SmokeImage for Taxonomy