Acrylic Paint


66.0 x 39.0 cm

Year Created



Cherries, sweet, and sapphire blue Yellow lights, they shine for you Feast your mind and your heart too, There’s nothing else I’d rather do Sparkle, clean, and well-refined What led you to be this kind? Subtleties and jewelry What art ec...

Rubeen Salem's Perspective

Artist's commentary

I wrote this as an appreciation for the divine inspiration we receive. Sometimes things feel amazing and I feel dishonest if I took credit for it. Somehow, things are great, and I’d like to say thank you to the force behind it all. ‘Phosphoros,’ Greek for ‘light,’ symbolic of an idea represented as a bright tea cup being filled by a higher power.

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Born in 1997 in San Francisco, CA. Currently residing in New York City.

2021 · Cleveland State University

Business Management

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$1,500 USD - Ask

@rubeen on December 19, 4:32am UTC

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Rubeen Salem

Dec 19, 2023