Acrylic Paint


84.0 x 59.0 cm

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I love you? Have no greater words fled from your lips? I want you A boy, alone no longer, sits Accustomed to his bright red lips Upon which smoke his cigarettes A throat unsore but remedied In pasts upholding royalty And yellow lights and walls of...

Rubeen Salem's Perspective

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A passionate love for another despite uncertainty. Many times I’ve seen people stop loving others because the feelings were not reciprocated. I take pride in an unconditional love and an understanding that we can’t help who we love, despite one party not loving the same. When you dissect it, it becomes clear that love trumps fear, but when it is left un-dissected, it’s a little trickier.

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Born in 1997 in San Francisco, CA. Currently residing in New York City.

2021 · Cleveland State University

Business Management

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$3,330 USD - Ask

@rubeen on December 19, 4:49am UTC

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Rubeen Salem

Dec 19, 2023