Acrylic Paint


97.0 x 46.0 cm

Year Created



Late drives and the games we’d play I love you more every day Flesh and fantasies Sunset memories Smoking with you And the songs I’d show you Caressing in blue All I wanna do We’d sit in my room And Id still think of you Love seats of...

Rubeen Salem's Perspective

Artist's commentary

For some, a healthier form of love isn’t the norm in our upbringings. I created this piece to highlight an expression of love that I’ve come to know. Something more physical than I’ve ever been used to.

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Born in 1997 in San Francisco, CA. Currently residing in New York City.

2021 · Cleveland State University

Business Management

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$1,500 USD - Ask

@rubeen on December 19, 11:03pm UTC

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Rubeen Salem

Dec 19, 2023