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Dec 2, 2023

Image for Untitled (Uncivil Rights)Image for Fresh FruitImage for Lovers RockImage for To be in love with everything, IImage for Harpy EagleImage for Enfant de ( Claude )Image for Fille de ( Gilberte )Image for JaguarImage for Time travelerImage for On the close-at-hand (Seco)Image for On the close-at-hand (Muhlenbergia capillaris)Image for Ce que renferment les dunesImage for Droit DevantImage for ShellImage for ManifestImage for I’m sure the moon will be alright, VIIIImage for PositionImage for RefashionedImage for ScaffoldImage for BraceImage for AssembleImage for The bartender says, “we don’t serve time travellers in here”. A time traveller walks into a bar.Image for More loveImage for Paper fold 02Image for UntitledImage for Smoke BreakImage for Night came, day came, night cameImage for I Want to be OkImage for Limpia no. 14 (Elisa Chang Nuno )Image for SurferImage for “Untitled 4”Image for “Untitled 2”Image for “St Martin”Image for Stelco BldgImage for “Horace”Image for “Lachine Canal”Image for “We Are Here”Image for Natural HabitatImage for “Over There”Image for “Untitled”Image for Bajo la luz del TianguisImage for La MilpaImage for “Chris”Image for “Cafe Esparanza”Image for After the FrenzyImage for Better give that swan a little treatImage for I am not bored nor am I unhappy. I am strange and wild.Image for “Higgins Beach”
Image for Forever and Ever 1Image for The GeneralImage for QuasicrystalImage for Time RuffleImage for Limpia no. 16 (Gloria “La Güera” Nuño)Image for Limpia no. 17Image for Limpia no. 15 (Teresita Nuño)Image for Misterio Ancestral No. 01Image for Tonalli Medicine no. 02Image for “Liminal Space”Image for “Untitled”Image for “Swimmer 1”Image for The SnufflerImage for Existential CrisisImage for Bent BranchImage for OriginImage for “The Human Condition”Image for “Liminal Journey”Image for The cat on the white horseImage for Cheesy self portraitImage for “Young Lady in Bed”Image for Dionysus In The WildImage for Cowboy BathImage for A Jukebox Introduced UsImage for Your Handwriting is Divine and Completely IllegibleImage for On the close-at-hand (burnt brown)Image for Night SwimmingImage for White MushroomsImage for No Place 524Image for Saturday Morning BreakfastImage for FourImage for Morning Chocolate Cake IIImage for This is only a testImage for On the close-at-hand (Piel)Image for Bad Dog (Rottweiler)Image for No Place 496Image for Curling SmokeImage for Don’t Look DownImage for Black SunflowerImage for Load BeareresImage for EdgelandImage for Community PolicingImage for Jealous TendenciesImage for CardoImage for Cristine in the WindowImage for Le Spectre RécapitulatifImage for Hollywood Masterpiece