Oil Paint


200.0 x 150.0 cm

Year Created



This painting belongs to my ongoing Mycenae series, a relatively recent body of work on unstretched (loose) canvas searching for larger scales, textural, experimental mark making, and a freer, more gestural painting language. The Mycenae series ...

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Born in 1971 in Gran Via de Ferran el Catòlic, Valencia, Spain. Currently residing in Fellmongers Yard, Croydon, UK.

2015 · The Heatherley School of Fine Art

Diploma in Portraiture

2013 · Sussex University

DPhil (PhD), Theoretical and Particle Physics

2013 · City College Brighton and Hove

BTEC Foundation Diploma in Art and Design level 3

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$7,000 USD - Ask

@miguel_sopena on November 13, 6:27pm UTC
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$6,250 USD - Ask

@miguel_sopena on November 16, 3:13pm UTC

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Miguel Sopena

Oct 03, 2023