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Art is a layered narrative that unfolds with each viewing. It’s not just about aesthetics; it’s about the human experience.








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Image for Ivory GlowImage for Dual HorizonsImage for Moss BlazeImage for Verdant BurstImage for Spontaneous SpeckImage for Illusory VisionsImage for Mirage of MirthImage for Spector’s TraceImage for Dawn’s EmbraceImage for Celestial DriftImage for Daydream MusingImage for Reverie VeilImage for Rhapsody in GraphiteImage for Dialogues of PersistenceImage for Ascendant ForumImage for Cyclical ResonanceImage for Epicenter of TenacityImage for Ink SymphonyImage for Subtle ConclusionImage for Bold DiscourseImage for Sweeping SimplicityImage for Elegy for the UnyieldingImage for Monochrome TangoImage for Embers of Contrast


Gina Keatley, a prominent artist based in New York City’s bustling Bushwick neighborhood, finds inspiration not only in the vibrant city streets but also amidst the serene landscapes of Italy during the summer months. Her body of work serves as a ...

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Born in 1980 in Boston, MA, USA. Currently residing in New York, NY, USA.

2008 · New York University

Bachelor of Science in Nutrition

2006 · The Art Institutes New York

Associate Degree

2016 · WGU

Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.)

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