Oil Paint


24.0 x 15.2 cm

Year Created



I wanted to explore the word “oblivious”. This is an oil painting on Arches Huile Papier (Arches Oil Paper).


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Steve Kobb's Perspective

Artist's commentary

Honestly, I don’t know what motivated me to create this picture. It just came from my subconscious mind, but I liked the result, so I kept working on the image. More and more, it seemed like this was a portrayal of someone who is not paying attention to his relationship with the woman.

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Born in 1948 in Houston, TX. Currently residing in Houston, TX.

1970 · Bachelor's -University of Pennsylvania

Bachelors - English Literature

1972 · Malerei (painting) - Akademie der bildenden Künste

Studio of Prof. Franz Nagel -- Painting

1975 · MFA - School of the Art Institute of Chicago

MFA -- Painting

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$25 USD - Offer

@boyinthebush on July 02, 11:41pm UTC
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$150 USD - Ask

@steve_kobb on December 13, 8:28pm UTC
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$75 USD - Offer

@thecrownhart on July 03, 10:54pm UTC
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$75 USD - Sale

@thecrownhart on July 04, 10:54pm UTC
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$100 USD - Ask

@steve_kobb on April 04, 7:55pm UTC
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$25 USD - Ask

@steve_kobb on May 26, 11:02pm UTC

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Steve Kobb

Dec 13, 2023