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Feb 15, 2024

Image for Speckled Poinsettia and Pine ConesImage for Snowy StreetImage for White daises and Chrysanthemum bouquetImage for Alstroemeria and Lisianthus in VaseImage for Silent ShoutingImage for PeepImage for Nature’s Gestures - Mushroom IIIImage for Regeneration- Unnoticed ExistenceImage for Nature’s Gestures - Mushroom IIIImage for Metal SunImage for umbrella, up a hikeImage for Sleeping BeautyImage for Can’t Wait To See You NextImage for Radiant (on her knees)Image for Painting BraidsImage for Mosaic of Botticelli’s “Birth of Venus”Image for The Theosophical SocietyImage for Sacred PlaceImage for ResiduesImage for Forest HijinksImage for Sea AnemoneImage for Skinny DippingImage for Iron SkyImage for Feather WallsImage for After tideImage for Closer Than BeforeImage for Orchid in a StreamImage for Gold MountainImage for SementeImage for Twin Cheetah with an Emerald CollarImage for Twin Cheetah with an Emerald CollarImage for LeapImage for Ciao LilibetImage for Aollani RoseImage for A Dream Within a DreamImage for “Before the Storm - Miranda”Image for Angel 2023Image for Synthetic flowersImage for Sew Me a New WorldImage for “Hope”Image for Blue GateImage for Green NetImage for Spotlight
Image for Standing figure with flowers covering the bodyImage for Sock DrawerImage for Warhol’s flowersImage for The strength of softnessImage for I Know NowImage for God is Under the RubbleImage for Dionysus In The WildImage for Night SwimmingImage for Longevity and JoyImage for On the close-at-hand (burnt brown)Image for White MushroomsImage for No Place 524Image for Midtown BuildingImage for Saturday Morning BreakfastImage for Hold Me CloseImage for This is only a testImage for No Place 496Image for Load BeareresImage for Black SunflowerImage for Small Cloud and TreesImage for Community PolicingImage for Girls With PlantsImage for What if I FeelImage for The Mind’s EyeImage for CardoImage for ExplorerImage for Patch (Baby Blue)Image for Le Spectre RécapitulatifImage for Hollywood MasterpieceImage for RaiseImage for Rocky LedgesImage for Pura VidaImage for Untitled (ogive I)Image for Untitled (12-5-2023)Image for IPAOC 0231Image for IPAOC 0179Image for Forest Study IIImage for Rainbow LynxImage for Self-portrait Study #1Image for Incongruous Relations.Image for New Life ReligionsImage for UntitledImage for 10. Come Along, Baby