Mixed Media


121.92 x 91.44 cm

Year Created



Mixed media on canvas; painting, textile, and collage


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Image for ShereneImage for Under My SkinImage for JennyImage for Wait for the Other Shoe to DropImage for Sit on the Fence ( Em Cima do Muro)Image for Gardeners SofiasImage for Bell the CatImage for Across the BoardImage for Okany

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Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Currently residing in Miami, Florida.

1985 · School of Visual Art

Painting and Printmaking

2021 · Florida International University

Master in Science in Art Education

2021 · Florida International University

Fellow at Ratcliffe Art+ Design Incubator

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$4,200 USD - Ask

@silvana_soriano on May 16, 3:46pm UTC
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$400 USD - Offer

@Shannonleeman on May 16, 2:09pm UTC

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Silvana Soriano

Mar 31, 2023

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