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Feb 18, 2024

Image for The Hardwired ManImage for SynchronicityImage for Thumb TwiddlerImage for Copied, Multiplied, Digitized IIImage for Long NightImage for TracesImage for UntitledImage for The rabbit holeImage for One with NatureImage for A ProcessionImage for Figures in a LandscapeImage for Passing DeepImage for Nature’s Gestures - Mushroom IImage for Nature’s Gestures - Mushroom IIImage for PassionsImage for WinterstellarImage for Purple ReignImage for RustyImage for Biophilia and the Animalistic Tendencies in HumansImage for PathwayImage for ArrivalImage for Forest HijinksImage for NiaImage for LoopImage for MultitaskingImage for Deception of Ignorance (Lahore Series)Image for Seeking WarmthImage for SistersImage for View from Field, BCImage for Full Moon over RevelstokeImage for Mount EigerImage for BlissImage for LeapImage for Master study of NainsukhImage for The TravelersImage for “The Macdonald Sisters”Image for Falling ApplesImage for Blue VR770Image for Blue VR772
Image for Blue VR773Image for Blue VR 774Image for Blue VR 775Image for Blue VR776Image for Blue VR777Image for Girl in Orange ShirtImage for Portrait of a woman looking downImage for BelleImage for In The LeavesImage for MONDAYImage for Nature Meditation IImage for Nature Meditation IIImage for FulfillmentImage for ImpermanenceImage for Transcending IntersticesImage for MetanoiaImage for Two Figures LookingImage for Figure with Bright Orange HairImage for Girl with Orange RoseImage for Girl in Red Dress with CircleImage for Boy & Girl in BlueImage for True ColorsImage for NaughtyImage for God is Under the RubbleImage for Chasing RabbidsImage for Try a Little TendernessImage for Tell me on a SundayImage for Safe PlaceImage for Last summer evening'sImage for Catchers MitImage for Artist tearsImage for Dear LawyerImage for ExplorerImage for ApparitionImage for PullImage for CopingImage for RunwayImage for Incongruous Relations.