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Feb 28, 2024

Image for The Theosophical SocietyImage for Entry 3Image for Peat SproutsImage for The EthNic Man, StifledImage for ATImage for POOImage for January FlowersImage for A touch of the EarthImage for After tideImage for Orchid in a StreamImage for That conversationImage for Childhood Obsessions: ThroughImage for 15, 18, 21Image for Falling For YouImage for Violeta y el monoImage for Meet me at the motelImage for Janene in Wedding MakeupImage for Drama QueenImage for Vanity (on canvas paper)Image for Birthday Flowers (on canvas paper)Image for A Dream Within a DreamImage for Synthetic flowersImage for Self Portrait in BedImage for Blurred SapImage for TessaImage for Offset OchreImage for Offset LacquerImage for Mid SummerImage for StoneImage for SpotlightImage for Seeing RedImage for Kwamena KonaduImage for Warhol’s flowersImage for Stillness IIImage for PortugalImage for Sailing to the far horizonImage for Unexpected BeautyImage for Old FashionImage for Reader in the landscape
Image for PeterImage for Games at TwilightImage for Under the Frangipani TreeImage for Tryst on a Stormy NightImage for CelebrationImage for Sun streetImage for Asaro BoyImage for FogmanImage for La Misma PaginaImage for Keni with a MaskImage for Still is Where I’ll BeImage for Is it a bird, is it a plane? No, It’s SuperCat!Image for Semi Log, 9 OptionsImage for Intercontinental Ballistic Missile, 1985Image for Everything Will Be OK, 1975Image for No name. From the series “Anatomy of an Angel”.Image for Three’s a CrowdImage for Another Venus iiImage for Another Venus iiiImage for fears, corneredImage for fears, preparedImage for Study of a Sunset in HomúnImage for Apology Flower no.19Image for Diminished Landscape 2Image for Diminished Landscape 1Image for CardoImage for whiskey sourImage for Solitary Bride ProcessionImage for NymphImage for “Young Lady Sleeping on Sofa Under Weighted Blanket”Image for “Young Lady Sleeping on Sofa Under Weighted Blanket”Image for No Unit of MeasurementImage for Incongruous Relations.Image for New Life ReligionsImage for 15. Pepsi ChildhoodImage for The ChaosImage for 17. PostsImage for 23. Daan DistrictImage for 14. Shelter