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Feb 12, 2024

Image for Snakes & LaddersImage for Profile (Left)Image for Untitled-100520Image for Untitled-090620Image for Funky BunnyImage for Blurred SapImage for LakeImage for CamImage for Untitled #3Image for Fault LineImage for FallingImage for Ballet Slippers TestImage for Waking SpringImage for Lipstick TestImage for TessaImage for Pink StoneImage for MuddyImage for CameronImage for Lilac LineImage for Offset OchreImage for Offset LacquerImage for Offset BandsImage for YumiImage for PairImage for LinearImage for SummerImage for AprilImage for NickleImage for Stone BlockImage for StepImage for Orange Slippers
Image for Mid SummerImage for StoneImage for Longevity and JoyImage for No Place 524Image for On the close-at-hand (Piel)Image for No Place 496Image for 3 eggsImage for Taylor Creek, FallImage for Flashback I have a Flashback 4Image for Small Cloud and TreesImage for Girls With PlantsImage for The Mind’s EyeImage for Reverie IIImage for Le Spectre RécapitulatifImage for TaxonomyImage for Rocky LedgesImage for Pura VidaImage for Entangled BloomImage for Untitled (12-5-2023)Image for IPAOC 0179Image for Forest Study IIImage for ultrasoundImage for man at windowImage for CopingImage for Incongruous Relations.Image for New Life ReligionsImage for Dizzy Miss LizzyImage for Port Hope, Late FallImage for UntitledImage for The Chaos