Focus— but not too much, 2021


Oil Paint


78.74 x 121.92 cm

Year Created



Afro-Surrealist Figuration

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Image for Within ReachImage for Recline on the generative forgiving life advocating soilImage for Relearning this word ‘mobility’Image for Self PortraitImage for DaydreamingImage for Wish we had more intellectual talks like surveying the silence— touching grass with my eyes

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Born in 1999 in Livingston Avenue, New Brunswick, NJ, USA. Currently residing in New York, NY, USA.

2022 · School of Visual Arts

Bachelor of Fine Art

Honors and Awards
May 6, 2022

School of Visual Arts Rhodes Family Award for Artistic Excellence

Sep 9, 2023

BKX Fall 2023 Print Edition Sponsorship

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$20,000 USD - Ask

@fatou_ridgird on May 08, 9:32pm UTC

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Fatou Ridgird

May 07, 2024