The Fairer Sees, Ha Ha Ha, Fruitless Sacrifices, Ha Ha, 2023


Oil Paint


120.0 x 80.0 cm

Year Created



Thinking about those big brains with golden eyes and rapacious natures.. growing dead trees, with no roots and blood leaves. The hidden and ignored sacrifice their freedoms to the greed of those who think they know better, but just have larger ap...


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Kay Gasei's Perspective

Living with this artwork is like

Being preyed on a little

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Born in 1991 in Lusaka, Zambia. Currently residing in London, UK.

2014 · Oxford Brookes University

BA Hons, Illustration Narrative and Sequential

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Jan 1, 2022

BAM Residency, Paris

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$5,720 USD - Ask

@kay_gasei on August 30, 5:28pm UTC
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$5,850 USD - Ask

@kay_gasei on October 10, 11:36am UTC

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Kay Gasei

Jun 23, 2023

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