Ilusión de inmanencia, 2023


Oil Paint


162.0 x 114.0 cm

Year Created



Imagination is nothing but a modification of perception. The transcendent consciousness from tree to image puts the tree. But it puts it in image, that is, in a certain way that is not that of perceptual consciousness. Each consciousness puts its ...

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Image for Sun set on the wallsImage for JasmineImage for SolitudeImage for In summerImage for Reader in the landscapeImage for Last summer evening'sImage for Sun streetImage for Port in AlteaImage for Rain in the sun

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Born in 1981 in Aguachica, Cesar, Colombia. Currently residing in Altea Hills, Altea, Spain.

2022 · Universidad Miguel Hernández

Fine arts

2023 · Universidad Miguel Hernández

Master in research and projects in art

Honors and Awards
Feb 20, 2024

Extraordinary prize of university Miguel Hernández University

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$5,800 USD - Ask

@luis_rincon on February 29, 10:40pm UTC

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Luis Rincon

Feb 18, 2024