Oil Paint


61.0 x 50.5 cm

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Since 2021 I have been integrating landscape, more recently the garden, into my compositions. Elements from the natural world are used symbolically and metaphorically to represent and express states of the psychic self. Using flora and fauna along...

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Image for Once BuriedImage for Peonies (Raphaël)Image for Death in the GardenImage for Mother in ShadowImage for Transfiguration in MoonlightImage for Jules at the TableImage for The Apple Picker

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Born in 1981 in Toronto Street, Toronto, ON, Canada. Currently residing in Ottawa, ON, Canada.

2006 · Concordia University

Bachelor of Fine Arts

2022 · Toronto School of Art

Part time course work

2021 · Turps Art Achool

Corospondence Course/ Mentorship Program

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$1,200 USD - Ask

@vanessa_mckernan on April 07, 5:40pm UTC

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Apr 14, 2024

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Vanessa McKernan

Apr 06, 2024