Mixed Media


105.0 x 210.0 cm

Year Created



What lies beyond the line we call the horizon? Why does it evoke a sense of faith? It’s the infinite line that reveals endless possibilities, propelling us to keep going and going, with no ending. There is always a new way, embrace the light, and ...

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Image for Nature Meditation IImage for FulfillmentImage for Nature Meditation IIImage for Lost to be foundImage for The strength of softnessImage for Transcending IntersticesImage for Stillness IImage for ImpermanenceImage for MetanoiaImage for Sailing to the far horizonImage for Stillness IIIImage for Stillness IIImage for Beyond Borders I

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Born in 2024 in Maracaibo, Zulia, Venezuela. Currently residing in Barcelona, Spain.

2019 · Cice Madrid

Scrum Management, Agile Management

2013 · Universidad Rafael Urdaneta


2017 · La Salle

Master in Integrated Architectural Design

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$2,835 USD - Ask

@alexandra_cohen_abraham on February 13, 8:21pm UTC

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