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Contemporary Art Gallery in London, specialising in the Worlds Leading Emerging & Established Artists







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Image for Hell or High WaterImage for NailedImage for The kissImage for OverwatchImage for Devon HolidayImage for Aging ScanImage for Self 27Image for Mother NatureImage for Blind SpotImage for Paper towel manImage for Untitled 7Image for Untitled 6Image for Untitled 5Image for Untitled 4Image for Untitled 3Image for Untitled 2Image for Untitled 1Image for Danse MacabreImage for RubiconImage for PrimordiumImage for Season of the Witch #6Image for idImage for Season of the Witch #12Image for Season of the Witch #5Image for Season of the Witch #9Image for TremorsImage for Bleeding ThroughImage for Minutiae #5Image for Minutiae #2Image for Season of the Witch #7Image for Momentary Lapse #2Image for Ghost TownImage for Season of the Witch #1Image for The GauntletImage for Teenage Dream


Red Eight Gallery was founded with a vision to showcase some of the art world’s most exciting emerging contemporary artists alongside more established creatives and blue chip artists. One of the most satisfying aspects of our work is the thrill of...


Dec 7, 2023 - Jan 5, 2024

Solo Show - The Dubel Prize