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Co-founder & CEO of Peggy, artist at heart ♡








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Image for Big Gnarly Fir
Big Gnarly Fir
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Jeremy Herndl

Bought on May 24, 2024
Image for Sleep 2
Sleep 2
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Joseph Awuah-Darko

Bought on May 01, 2024
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Secret Artwork 668
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Bought on Apr 23, 2024
Image for Secret Artwork 085
Secret Artwork 085
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Ami Vadi

Bought on Apr 23, 2024
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Secret Artwork 566
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Lesley Barnes

Bought on Apr 23, 2024
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Secret Artwork 417
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Nick White

Bought on Apr 19, 2024
Image for Gentle Love
Gentle Love
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Adam Colangelo

Bought on Apr 05, 2024
Image for 21. Peonies and Junk
21. Peonies and Junk
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Olivia Aguiar

Bought on Apr 05, 2024
Image for Untitled
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Juan Sebastián Pelaez

Bought on Nov 29, 2023
Image for Air Rights
Air Rights
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Muna Malik

Sold on Apr 05, 2023

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Collector's Perspective

My first childhood memory of art is...

when my sister and I would often create a single painting together, alla prima, “wet-on-wet” two brushes at the same time on the same canvas. Collaboration and harmony and trust.

An art experience I loved...

was when I visited Ett Hem in Stockholm, Sweden. The art collection in this small hotel was fantastic. Interspersed amongst the exquisite interior design of Ilse Crawford, the artworks elevated the space. I emerged from the experience feeling inspired to collect art and fill my home with my own version of the art and design experience that Ett Hem curated.


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