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(b.1991, Monterrey, Mexico








Paula Cortazar was born in 1991, Monterrey, Nuevo León. In 2014 she graduated with honors from the University of Monterrey’s BA in fine arts. In 2012 she studied in Les Beaux Arts de Lyon in France. In 2013 she was selected to participate in the Contemporary Photography Program (PFC), an educational project of the Nuevo León photograph library. In May 2015 she had her first solo show in Galería Machete in Mexico City. Her work has also been part of many group shows, such as the first edition of United Mexican Projects [Proyectos Unidos Mexicanos] (2015) in Brooklyn, New York, To the encounter with the sensitive (2015) in the Monterrey Museum of Contemporary Art, Other(s) Drawing(s) [Otro(s) Dibujo(s)] (2014) in the Nuevo León Picture Gallery, PFC’13 (2014) in the Center of the Arts, among others. Her work was selected to participate in the contest Paper / Support [Sporte / Papel] 2015 Bernardo Elisúa Farías Award. She has been honored with several awards, the most notable ones being the 2015 – 2016 Young Creators Grant, the first prize of the 5th Photography Contest (2013) organized by the University of Monterrey library, and a honorable mention in the exhibition No Category [Sin Categoría] (2012), awarded by the San Pedro House of Culture.

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