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May 24, 2024

Image for Davis BayImage for Bouquet of RosesImage for HugImage for Old Oak in the Meadow (sold)Image for Dream Landscape in PinkImage for I want youImage for Tulip Mania (Triptych)Image for SurgeImage for The Quarters ( Diptyc )Image for RepoImage for It’s the flowers they wantImage for Why would I want to be human
Image for Falling OceanImage for Scope, With IntervalsImage for Blue VR789Image for Le Louvre à la fois déserté et achalandé pour le Tour. C'est coloré, grandiose. Bref, un rêve d'enfance.Image for Les poubelles de MontréalImage for Whispers of the ReveredImage for Within an EmbraceImage for Flower PowerImage for Many a fairy foreland setImage for Two CallasImage for To Be AcceptedImage for What Freedom Feels Like