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Mar 6, 2024

Image for Catchers MitImage for Stack with Heart-Shaped BoxImage for No Place 496Image for DromedaryImage for Curling SmokeImage for HeavenImage for FaceblockImage for AbsolutelyImage for “Know when to fold em” VIImage for Small Cloud and TreesImage for Community PolicingImage for A Lapse in Memory, Some SecretImage for Jealous TendenciesImage for In Sickness and In HealthImage for Green Chrysanthemums, Pink MirrorImage for Floral MeetingImage for Cristine in the WindowImage for What if I FeelImage for Dear LawyerImage for Untitled 18 (Unfading)
Image for ExplorerImage for The DancersImage for Patch (Baby Blue)Image for whiskey sourImage for Hollywood MasterpieceImage for Solitary Bride ProcessionImage for Pura VidaImage for Entangled BloomImage for Flashback I have a Flashback 3Image for Untitled (ogive I)Image for Two snails (relief)Image for IPAOC 0231Image for “Young Lady Sleeping on Sofa Under Weighted Blanket”Image for Rainbow LynxImage for man at windowImage for Space History at SmithsonianImage for Suzanne Valadon’s MontmartreImage for Big Gnarly FirImage for The Maker’s MarkImage for Maybe is not better