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Yasuaki Kuroda


(b.1986, Japan)








Yasuaki Kuroda 黒田 恭章 is a textile artist based in Tokyo, Japan. He holds a Bachelor's and a Master's degree in Industrial, Interior and Craft Design from Musashino Art University in Japan. His complex woven colour panels are made of hundreds of carefully interlaced naturally dyed silk strands. The artist's primary interest resides in the place where threads are connected with words. The word "text" derives from the Latin term "texture" ("to weave") and textiles appeared, well before texts, as a linguistic system for communication and information recording. Kuroda's creations are abstract records of the thousands of colour and composition choices made at a particular moment in time. Yasuaki Kuroda's work was awarded the Grand Prix of the Tokyo Wonder Wall 2016, a competition organized by the Tokyo Government. His artworks have been exhibited across Japan, the United States, Germany and Canada and can be found in contemporary art collections worldwide.

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