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Embroiderer Extrodinare! (Check description for acurate sizes)








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In my practice, I am interested in what is lost and found: the discarded remnants and belongings of strangers that sit upon the precipice of what can be both important and unimportant. Working from compiled, collected, and discarded objects, I str...

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Born in 1998 in Newfoundland and Labrador 1, Whitbourne, NL, Canada. Currently residing in Corner Brook, NL, Canada.

2024 · York University

Masters of Fine Arts (Visual)

2021 · Memorial University (Grenfell Campus)

Bachelors of Fine Art

Solo Exhibitions
Mar 15, 2022 - Mar 31, 2022


Group Exhibitions
Mar 15, 2022 - Mar 31, 2022


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