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Mar 16, 2024

Image for Secret Artwork 288Image for Longevity and JoyImage for On the close-at-hand (burnt brown)Image for White MushroomsImage for No Place 524Image for On the close-at-hand (Piel)Image for Rotadora 360Image for No Place 496Image for 3 eggsImage for Curling SmokeImage for La colère végétaleImage for Load BeareresImage for Small Cloud and TreesImage for Girls With PlantsImage for Green Chrysanthemums, Pink Mirror
Image for What if I FeelImage for The Mind’s EyeImage for CardoImage for whiskey sourImage for Le Spectre RécapitulatifImage for Rocky LedgesImage for Entangled BloomImage for Untitled (12-5-2023)Image for IPAOC 0231Image for IPAOC 0179Image for Forest Study IIImage for Self-portrait Study #1Image for Incongruous Relations.Image for New Life Religions