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Uuriintuya Dagvasambuu is a contemporary master of the Mongol Zurag painting, and is widely respected for her innovations in this style. She notably integrates traditional Mongolian and Buddhists motifs with contemporary themes, as she chronicles the lives of women and everyday, mundane life across the seasons in her post-nomadic homeland. Dagvasambuu’s development of traditional motifs and pictorial language into unique representations of Mongolian women amidst the rapidly changing life in the 21st century has been recognized in her home country. Her works were selected for the 2013 Grand Prix for Best Artworks of the Year from the National Modern Art Gallery of Mongolia for the 2018 Grand Prix for Best Artwork of the Year from the Union of Mongolian Artists. Dagvasambuu graduated from the Institute of Fine Arts, Mongolian University of Arts and Culture. She currently lives and works in Ulaanbataar.

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