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I’m motivated by the miracle of color, the beauty and relatability of the human form, and creating moody worlds of abstraction.








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Image for Midday GreenwoodImage for Garden Abstract IImage for Anxious MelodyImage for Sarah, Somewhere (Buried and Rooted)Image for Garden CakeImage for Viridescence in Reverie (Surrounded and Untroubled)Image for Clouds of Green, Cracks of GoldImage for Blue, in the GardenImage for Hemmed in // To Decorate TimeImage for Dimly, DelicatelyImage for Gleaming, Drifting IIImage for Gleaming, Drifting IImage for Sovereign//DiaphanousImage for Balmy Chaos, Frigid LucidityImage for Which Way? // The Solace of CoverImage for Garden of Chaos, Castle of DoubtImage for In Peaceful DisarrayImage for Clare, BlueImage for Meg in Golden ChaosImage for Wild IncandescenceImage for She Who Wears Many Masks


My work is about striking a balance between total abstraction and realism. Regarding realism, I employ the human form, particularly the female portrait, as a means of expressing, exploring and understanding human emotion. In contrast to that, I a...

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