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A contemporary art gallery that re-envisions the traditional art-viewing experience.







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Image for EkpyrosisImage for Cuerpo de luzImage for Double StarImage for MeridianImage for Point and CurrentImage for AutomataImage for InstantiationImage for Res ExtensaImage for SurgeImage for What is in your other hand?Image for Have A Wander Before Dinner TimeImage for This May Leave a ScarImage for 1998Image for TantrumImage for Tonalli Medicine no. 02Image for Misterio Ancestral No. 01Image for Limpia no. 15 (Teresita Nuño)Image for Limpia no. 17Image for Limpia no. 16 (Gloria “La Güera” Nuño)Image for QuasicrystalImage for Twilight Particle EmergenceImage for Time RuffleImage for Cosmological RedshiftImage for Limpia no. 14 (Elisa Chang Nuno )Image for Jesus vs SatanImage for All Pigs Go To HellImage for HeavenImage for Surrounded By Water Untitled 17Image for Surrounded By Water Untitled 10Image for Surrounded By Water Untitled 8Image for Cell Eye Space, Cell Eye SpaceImage for Don’t Look DownImage for Bent field exchange


LatchKey Gallery supports emerging artists who challenge historical narratives; helping shape cultural conversations to create a more diverse and dynamic society that reflects the complexity of our world. Past exhibitions include Sweet Castrator,...


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Josie Love Roebuck on representation and bravery

Josie Love Roebuck, LatchKey Gallery · 31 mins

Luis Sahagun discusses community and a sense of belonging

LatchKey Gallery, Luis Sahagun · 19 mins

Jesse Wright on representing his Jamaican roots through his art

Jesse Wright, LatchKey Gallery · 23 mins


Mar 25, 2022 - Apr 30, 2022

Haciendo Caras




Collateral Experiences


Magnificently Willful, NADA House


Fractured shadow

Sep 8, 2023 - Oct 15, 2023

Scattering the Constant

Oct 20, 2024 - Oct 29, 2024

Expanding the Panopticon