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(b. 1979, Montreal)








Born in 1979, Jason Cantoro is a self taught artist with an atypic cursus. Founder of Studio Cinqunquatre (2004-2016) and Studio Le Club (2016- ). Silkscreen print and general art research and conception studios where he also acts as a mentor for emerging artists and print master. He collaborates with multiple actors of the artistic scene and representatives of both private and public sector, and private art buyers. He also creates commissioned art pieces for collectors and enthusiasts. He works both art and branding/design and sees those spheres as nursing each other. His artwork is pretty eclectic and goes from street in situ interventions, public art structural pieces, mural work, wallpapers, to high end silkscreen pieces on cotton/wood panels, paintings, photographic images, origami folds and hybridation of those techniques. He was represented by different galleries in Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, Paris, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago and New York. He now works out representation on his own with a personal in house agent. He was part of multiple group shows and international art fairs such as Scope Miami, Foire Papier Montreal, Fountain Art Fair, Affordable Art Fair, Art New York, New York Art Fair, in Canada, United-States, China, London, France, Switzerland and Belgium. He was exposed solo in Manhattan(2008), Montreal (2008 and 2011 & 2017), and in Belgrade Serbia in 2017. His work is communicative and/or initiates reflection about social structures.His work is part of many corporative collections such as Colart Collection, Aldo Group collection, Cirque du Soleil, Ivanhoe Cambridge collection, Ubisoft, Sidlee. He is also part of numerous private collections. He lives and work in is hometown Montreal.

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