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Image for Secret Artwork 501
Secret Artwork 501
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Kaleido Grafik

Bought on Apr 19, 2024
Image for Secret Artwork 366
Secret Artwork 366
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Anthony Burrill

Bought on Apr 19, 2024
Image for Secret Artwork 502
Secret Artwork 502
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Barnaby Barford

Bought on Apr 19, 2024
Image for 05. Eyes on Me
05. Eyes on Me
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Isabelle Halmos

Bought on Feb 25, 2024
Image for whiskey sour
whiskey sour
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Lorena Torres

Bought on Nov 27, 2023

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Collector's Perspective

A few of my favorite artists are...

Fernando Botero and Ismael Smith

My favorite place to see art is...

in my house


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