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Jul 10, 2024

Image for DragonfliesImage for You&me at 1.15PMImage for Pool at 3PMImage for Upstream from the Muddy RiverImage for Push Through ItImage for Living EngineImage for Taste of SpringImage for Mingo PointImage for Organized chaosImage for Red-eye, IVImage for The faint unseenImage for Aelfgyva, The Mysterious Lady of the Bayeux TapestryImage for Ser diferente (Be diferent)Image for Uma tarde de Verão (A summer afternoon)Image for ANTIGUA LANDSCAPEImage for ANTIGUA LANDSCAPEImage for HamptonsImage for Courte (Court)Image for Bar de Praia (Beach bar)Image for A mansão (The mansion)Image for See through meImage for Memorial AngelImage for Flux #13Image for Logs from the Wild Pacific Coast, British Columbia - Page IIImage for Logs from the Wild Pacific Coast, British Columbia - Page IIIImage for Logs from the Wild Pacific Coast, British Columbia - Page IImage for Experiments on paper 01Image for Tryst with DestinyImage for The Pennywhistle BandImage for UntitledImage for House No. 3Image for Lámina XVIImage for Lámina XIImage for HOWLImage for HoneypotImage for Twinkle eyesImage for False troubleImage for You&me that dayImage for With LoveImage for SunriseImage for Red-eye, VImage for Path of CalamitiesImage for ORImage for Experiments on paper 02Image for frog + rabbitImage for CamelliaImage for KalmiaImage for Some places, we can’t goImage for Some places, we can’t go (V)Image for Gravity that binds IVImage for Gravity that binds XImage for GestationImage for Scam ArtistImage for Lemonade StandImage for BreakwaterImage for I Feel Pretty!Image for LavandulaImage for ChamomillaImage for HypericumImage for EchinaceaImage for Experiments on paper 04Image for Lion's RoarImage for House No.7
Image for Blue, in the GardenImage for Clouds of Green, Cracks of GoldImage for Blue ShadeImage for CamoImage for EruptionImage for Experiments on paper 05Image for Curious KidsImage for Radiant BloomImage for Sacred HeartImage for Sunflower SymphonyImage for Blossom in the VoidImage for Baggage areaImage for Gravity that binds IIImage for HOLD ME UPImage for Can’t seem to make you mineImage for Fuego solitario IIImage for The killing moonImage for UntitledImage for Vista IImage for Vista IIImage for Vista IIIImage for LunchImage for Old Rag BridgeImage for LandscapeImage for Dream EchoesImage for Mind SyncImage for WorshipImage for MenelikImage for BudweiserImage for Sarah, Somewhere (Buried and Rooted)Image for Azadi 6Image for OdysseyImage for Tamannah (desire) 3Image for Paisley 1Image for Paisley 2Image for Cisma I-24Image for Cisma II-24Image for Cisma III-24Image for MORNING COFFEE SMELLSImage for LUNCHTIME CHATTERImage for SUPPER FOR SUNSImage for Life-1Image for Life-2Image for Life-3Image for Anxious MelodyImage for Autumn (The North Wind)Image for FossileImage for The BodyImage for Garden Abstract IImage for Life-4Image for Life-5Image for Life-6Image for Untitled (Ghanaian Boys Study)Image for Teapot with Missing HandleImage for Study (untitled)Image for Morning Chocolate Cake IIImage for Games at TwilightImage for Sur la mini route du guesthouse, KunigamiImage for Look What I CaughtImage for You Were Bigger Than the SkyImage for Dream Landscape in PinkImage for The Brother Crowned in LavenderImage for Pool at 9PM