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Karine Léger


(b. 1977, Montréal)








Karine Léger's approach first involves the need to deconstruct in order to lay the foundations for an introspective reconstruction. From paper or digital cut-outs, her compositions are born out of a collaging process. Colours, textures and shapes are meticulously selected to be arranged and rearranged, assembled and reassembled, in a quest for the right balance. Similar but independent forms come together, at times nearly touching, other times precariously balancing on one another and, on occasion, merging. This slow, deliberate, creative process is how Karine Léger builds the foundation of her next work. Deeply connected to her personal life, superimposed layers of images and transparent acrylics has its own story to tell. The shapes seem anthropomorphic at times, reflecting that constant desire for balance. But they only reveal just enough, allowing plenty of room for the viewers to find their own interpretation or story.

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